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C8 Science Panel Studies

No single epidemiologic study is sufficient to determine whether C8 adversely affects health. The Science Panel designed a series of complementary studies to generate necessary data for its work in assessing the probable links between C8 and disease. These studies began in late 2006 and are completed, with results summarised in the Probable Link reports and presented in detail in scientific articles (follow link at left to C8 Study Publications). In many cases a study requires a team of investigators, but in all studies a member of the Science Panel is overseeing the conduct of each specific study. The studies are listed below, each with the Science Panelist lead in parenthesis:

  1. Cholesterol, Diabetes, Uric Acid, and C8 Levels among Participants in the C8 Health Project (K Steenland)
  2. Cross Sectional Study of C8 and Immune Function, Hematopoietic Function, Liver, Kidney, and Endocrine Disorders and Cancer Prevalence - A Prevalence Study among Participants in the C8 Health Project. (T Fletcher)
  3. Community Follow-up Study (K Steenland)
  4. Worker Follow-up Study (K Steenland)
  5. The Study of Birth Outcomes in the Mid-Ohio Valley (D Savitz)
  6. The Study of Birth Outcomes among the C8 Health Project Participants (D Savitz)
  7. The Geographic Patterns of Cancer Study (T Fletcher)
  8. Short Term Follow-up Study of C8 and Immune, Liver, Kidney and Endocrine Function (T Fletcher)
  9. Exposure Study (K Steenland)
  10. Half-life Study (K Steenland)
  11. Study of C8 and Neurobehavioral Development among Children from the C8 Health Project (D Savitz)